Appam + Chicken Stew

I tried to make Kallappam , with yeast. It came out very well.

To Grind: Add small onion, garlic , coconut with rice. I put yeast in coconut water and added to the mixture.

For chicken stew i followed  this from Vazhayila

Verdict: They had this in a working day morning, so both of them were in a hurry , still B said this is good :)  For malu, she was angry at me for something, so she gave no marks !

Chilly Fish

Inspiration - Cooking And Me

We eat fish a lot, and now fed up with these Kerala Style fish curries. So one day i tried this and it came out well. I served with chapathy, so didnt make it more dry.

Verdict: Malu gave a 9 for this and she had it with fried rice the next day afternoon also. She told me it resembled a restaurant dish :) B also liked it, but since he is not a big fan of these chinese sauces he gave only 6.

Puttu + Kadala

Just added a fun part by layering white rice and chemba rice .. Not too bad