Hot & Sour Chicken Soup

In our house everyone likes soups and that too only spicy soups. Even my younger one doesn't have any hesitation towards Soups. The only problem I have is, if we order Soups then they wont eat anything else. I didnt understand how these Soups come under Starter category in restaurants. Its quite filling and it reduces apetite , this is what i feel and i see with my kids.So now a days I'm reluctant to order soups in restaurants because all other food will be wasted. Still B & M like to have it.

Last day when i rejected their requests to have soup in some outing, both of them started shouting and they were saying, you never make soup at home and how can we eat? Oh ok, here comes the Soup..I knew that though this doesnt taste like hotels, they wont waste it.. I tried some googling and started my souping. First time in my life, I did this egg mixing and even I didnt like it. I dont know how it comes good from restaurants, adding the egg part require some expertise I felt.

Anyways B liked to have it thin and Malu wants it to be thick. She added more ketchup, and then said it tastes more good. Minnu just took 3 spoons and stopped, hum..

I will give 4/10 only.. Much to improve.. :(

Appam +Egg Curry

Adding to my breakfast series..

Chilli Paneer

Recipe Courtesy :  yummy tummy

I just followed the step by step instructions in this blog and this came quite well. Malu is very fond of paneer, so she gave me 10/10. B was just ok.

Pavakka Thoran

I'm planning to include some thorans also in this blog. Daily i have to make some thoran, so let me make a big list for all sort of thorans. later i just need to select from the list, right.

B likes pavakka thoran, and he makes the best thoran also. He cut the vegetables so nicely , have to see his cabbage cutting skills.. he tried many times to teach me but i miserably failed.i always end up with some bigger pieces and lose all concentration. Recently i bought a food processor and im just experimenting all functionalities. The thoran cutting is absolutely charming. And the time taken, just a brrrr.....:)  Wow !

So this pavakka thoran i made exactly (or better) than what B makes. Im the happy!!!!

Verdict: I gave 10/10 :) Malu was not so happy so no marks. 

Spinach Rice- Palak Pulao

Inspiration : Edible Garden

B takes rice to office daily, and he dont want any smelly food/ gravy items. So daily its fried rice, just rice mix with some vegetables. He got bored now and so one day i tried this. This of course has a good flavour (so the smell factor failed) but the taste was good. And a better way to make malu eat some spinach. Both of them wanted to avoid the coriander/mint flavour, so next time will try without that.

Verict: Got only 4/10 , the coriander should be avoided .

Kappa Biriyani

Usually i like plain kappa(kappa puzhungiyathu with chilly chutney). But last day we bought some kappa biriyani from a local restaurant and it tasted good. So i tried to recreate it at home. It was ok. But if i get tapioca my first preference will be still the other way.

B liked it. Malu doesnt eat tapioca , so no marks.

Appam + Chicken Stew

I tried to make Kallappam , with yeast. It came out very well.

To Grind: Add small onion, garlic , coconut with rice. I put yeast in coconut water and added to the mixture.

For chicken stew i followed  this from Vazhayila

Verdict: They had this in a working day morning, so both of them were in a hurry , still B said this is good :)  For malu, she was angry at me for something, so she gave no marks !

Chilly Fish

Inspiration - Cooking And Me

We eat fish a lot, and now fed up with these Kerala Style fish curries. So one day i tried this and it came out well. I served with chapathy, so didnt make it more dry.

Verdict: Malu gave a 9 for this and she had it with fried rice the next day afternoon also. She told me it resembled a restaurant dish :) B also liked it, but since he is not a big fan of these chinese sauces he gave only 6.

Puttu + Kadala

Just added a fun part by layering white rice and chemba rice .. Not too bad