Hot & Sour Chicken Soup

In our house everyone likes soups and that too only spicy soups. Even my younger one doesn't have any hesitation towards Soups. The only problem I have is, if we order Soups then they wont eat anything else. I didnt understand how these Soups come under Starter category in restaurants. Its quite filling and it reduces apetite , this is what i feel and i see with my kids.So now a days I'm reluctant to order soups in restaurants because all other food will be wasted. Still B & M like to have it.

Last day when i rejected their requests to have soup in some outing, both of them started shouting and they were saying, you never make soup at home and how can we eat? Oh ok, here comes the Soup..I knew that though this doesnt taste like hotels, they wont waste it.. I tried some googling and started my souping. First time in my life, I did this egg mixing and even I didnt like it. I dont know how it comes good from restaurants, adding the egg part require some expertise I felt.

Anyways B liked to have it thin and Malu wants it to be thick. She added more ketchup, and then said it tastes more good. Minnu just took 3 spoons and stopped, hum..

I will give 4/10 only.. Much to improve.. :(


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