Marble cupcakes

Not very nice 😊 My poor kids will eat whatever given as cake. Especially home made. So this finished in 5 minutes . I went inside and came back to see an empty plate .wow I should buy them some nice cakes soon 😂.

My cake qualities should be improved , now my only hope is in changing the oven. May be my oven is the culprit.

Grilled chicken

Chicken curry

 A simple chicken curry. BJ doesnt like chicken much, especially the curry versions. Kids are not so gobd of gravies so why shud I waste my energy making chicken gravies? But once in between some gravies will be nice. So this was an easy breezy chicken gravy. GOD knows what exactly I did, sometimes some curries turn out very tasty. Next time it will be utter flop. Anyways this turned out good.


 During Eid holidays i saw someone posted neychor photos and got the idea. Made neychor and chicken curry . It was easy and a super hit. Malu said from now on this is going to be my favourite dish. Minnu also responded well.

I used very little ghee but still it was good. This goes very well with chicken curry and raita which they call 'kachamber'.

It was a long holiday so I added chicken grill,chicken curry,raita,pappad &achar ! All of us happy happy !

Black Forest Cake

Recipe Courtesy : Lakshmi Nair -vanitha

Tried first time to make a black forest cake, first time working with whipping cream.. Not so successful. Cream didnt come out well.. But the fun is - my kids love whatever i make in the name of cake :) So this finished very fast, in fact both of them waited so eagerly near me, to finish my tasks.  It was real fun !

I am not satisfied with the texture of the cake, I always believe its because of my oven, better luck next time.

Score:  I give 4/10, kids gave 9/10