Fruit Custard

Recipe Courtesy : Fruit Custard

Im not a big fan of custard, but when i saw her recipe, just wanted to try it.. So easy to make. I like to serve it as fruit salad, so freeze and used the next day.  It was good

Both B & Malu liked it.

Soya Fritters

Recipe Courtesy : Spicy Chilly

This is a very good snack especially in a cold rainy evening. It rained heavily last two days and i made this on one evening. just followed instructions from the link. This is one easy way to make use of Soya chunks. i make soyachunk fry , like beef fry but B always complain that soya is soggy. So i decided not to make the fries anymore , will use up the chunks as fritters.

It got finished in 5 minutes , very nice :) 

Ethakkappam-Banana Fry

Idiyappam & Egg Roast