My New Journey

At last i started my own blog. I'm not a new bie to blogging..but i wanted a place where i can scribble my little thoughts and feelings . Blogging is my favorite hobby for the last 1 year, huh ..i never thought i can stick to any hobby in my life..Always there were hobbies some age it was reading, then gardening, then stamp collection which turned to collecting pictures of aiswarya rai :) then cooking(lasted only 1 week ) then ..then..then.. The list is endless with the final result as nothing. Somehow i was pushed into blog world last year.. even when my friends had blogs i was not fascinated by this, infact i hated blogging.. but later in bore office times i was taken to the blogs of some wonderful guys and gals..Slowly but steadily and now addictively , i entered the blog world.


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