Vishu - 2014

Another Vishu , here in Kuwait. Same photo, same settings , honestly I started feeling bored on this, had no enthusiasm to do something , but to my surprise Malu started asking me, amma are you not planning to do kani for vishu? She was not satisfied when i replied in a lazy mood. Then she started to list down the activities for vishu day, she cant wait to get my call in the morning , closing her eyes and seeing kani, then she wants the big banana leaf sadya too! Aah, I felt good! Always , I wanted to give my kids a feel of our festivals, a feel of my childhood memories, here they miss those colorful festivals and our get togethers , but atleast I am able to give them some memories.. I am really happy. 

Ofcourse, we made a sadya too. but it was a working day, so my maid chechi helped to arrange all these.
it was good .


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