An Anniversary Attempt

Yes, it was for our 7th Wedding Anniversary. :)

I'm happy!! After a long list of terrible failures I finally succeeded in baking a good cake. And this was my first attempt of icing..I know the decoration doesn't look that much nice, but for a first trial this is ok. I could have waited till the green icing on top to set, but my daughter was so impatient to cut it. She was looking so eagerly and was trying to bunk her dance class just to cut this cake , i finally decided to make things fast. I just poured the red jelly and it too didnt come as a nice heart, at least in this picture it has a slight resemblance of a heart right :)  Yeah , it is my heart full of love to my man,forget about the shape and those holes in between, this is only a model ;)

All cakes i baked till now were always hard, and almost i withdrew from my efforts of making cakes. Why should i waste all these time, flour and other ingredients. And to increase my disappointment my sister showed me the beautiful cakes she bakes.. hmm i gave up, baking is not my area.

May is my month, My birthday, husband's birthday, our wedding Anniversary , so which other month i have to celebrate and  above all  my cuitie's desire for home made cakes, so this time i refereed all blogs and decided to have one last attempt. May be due to my prayers or what this turned out well. I didnt beat the cake flour with my hand mixer, instead i just used a spoon to mix it..Does it make a difference..I dont know.. Anyways the cake was soft and it was almost brown at the top too .. I forgot to take a photo of the cut portion. Hmm.. i have to give proper attention to my photography skills, or at least to generate a skill :)


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