Crab Masala

Crab came into our house menu very recently, not more than 6 months. In my childhood or till i got married i never came across a single crab dish in any of my/relatives house. Pappa had a strong dislike for these stuff like crab, squid etc and i also considered them as some dirty creatures.

After coming to Kuwait we stayed for sharing accommodation with one Telugu family. They used to cook crab every now and then and i had to run out of the whole house due to this stingy smell and i stayed away  from the crab section in the fish market. To my horror BJ was interested in these items, but he never forced me to buy and try. Last year when we went to Dubai, i told my sister about this Crab Mania and then she ordered Crab masala from some hotel, i tasted a little and it was amazingly delicious. It was more to the sweet end and i liked it. But the cleaning part made me hesitant to make a try. Recently i learned my maid is an expert in Crab. Wow, so here starts the explorations!!

I bought crab 2,3 times now and she cleaned it very nicely , the cooking part is not that much tough, but i felt the eating part is much more difficult. Still i havent tasted the good crab flesh taste because i take long time to break all these shell and after a few minutes i gets irritated and chew all the stuff together. Anyways BJ is having a good time , thats enough for me .

I followed Mishmash's Crab Roast  with some instincts from myself and it turned out really good .


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